Sunday, June 5, 2011

And so the adventure begins ...

No more training, it is what it is. I had hoped to get more miles in, and more climbing, but it is what it is, and it will have to do. So, for the week it was 11 hours in the saddle, for 135 miles ridden. I was hoping to get multiple days of 75 miles, and a couple weeks over 300 miles. I guess I was just saving that for the ride. A total of 2,174 training miles since I started in March.

Not sure if I will get on my bike today or not. I have much to do to get ready to leave. In two days I take off for Seattle and the start of this adventure. The sag wagon for this ride will be passing thru Denver with 8 riders including our leader, and will stop at my house to eat, sleep, eat, and then take off with me and my bike for Seattle and our start.

Well I can get one photo here OK, but still can't get a link to work. Just made another Apple appointment for Tomorrow morning. This is a peregrine falcon, at The Raptor education Foundation.

It looks like I should have cut back on my training sooner. I lost 4 lbs this week and am now at 191 lbs. Still short of my goal of 185, but better than it has been looking when I gained a lb last week. My next weigh-in will be when I get back home about August 18 or so. Will I make it down to under 180 lbs? Maybe even 175 lbs. Maybe I should be worrying about gaining weight again with all the good food churches will be providing.

I have reached and surpassed my fund raising goal of $1.00 for each mile ridden. Thanks to all who have helped, but, please do not stop giving. It is not about my goal, rather the mission of The Fuller Center. And, David Snell, president of The Fuller Center, just announced its commitment to rebuilding McDonald Chapel, a small town just outside of Birmingham, Ala. that was devastated by an April tornado.

Future blogs will not be punctuation or grammar corrected by Lois, as she will not fit in my duffle bag. :-(



  1. Good Luck Uncle!!!

    I remember when Brad arrived here after biking across Nebraska. He was down 20+ pounds and looked like a skeleton on wheels so I think you might be in for a dramatic transformation, church meals aside. One of my favorite emails from that trek included a story of watching cows being blown over from the wind. I hope it's always at your back!

    I am quite looking forward to tracking your progress. Hang in there and be strong.


  2. No wind that strong, thank you please. Love ya Girl!