Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 30 riding ...

Bike day 30 for me/2 to go
Uniontown, PA to Cumberland, MD 64 miles
Build days done 6/build days left 1
Temp not bad, F; humidity ok

Body parts talking continued:
And then there are the days when all the body parts are feeling frisky, and all working together to create the most wonderful sensation of speed and power while floating along on my bicycle in a pace line or by myself. It makes up for all the struggles, and life on a bicycle is beautiful and marvelous.

Talking about struggles, what a ride today. 50 miles of hills and altitude gain. The hills, one after another at grades between 8% and 10% that seemed to go on forever. And I loved it because I could do it. And I loved it because of the struggle doing it. And I loved it because of the team of riders we have, all doing or trying to do it. We didn't all make it, but we all tried our best, and that was enough. It is always enough.

The longer I have watched the conduct of everybody on this trip, and witnessed their faith, the stronger my faith has become. I have been searching my very being, as I have traveled this bike adventure road, and come to love every one of these riders because of their faith, or their search for it. I mean, have you read Anne's blog on the Fuller Center blog page? It is simply awesome.

This trip is about love, and I will be very sad when this trip ends, but also happy to be going back home to be with my wife of 45 years. We have been separated this long before, and I always miss her. Talk about love, try being with the same women for 45 years, and maybe you will begin to understand what love really means. I continue to find new ways to cherish and love her, even while on this trip.


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