Friday, August 5, 2011

Build day 6 ...

Our build day was easy today. The construction we were to be doing had to be cancelled for various reasons. So, we went to the Fuller Center resale store and spent the morning helping clean out a lot of worthless items that would not sell, some building materials, lots of glass, etc. We filled up two trailers full of stuff, and I was able to be helpful. A good morning, and only one more build day to go in Washington D.C.

I got to play PAC-MAN again! Alyssa had to remind me how to play, and I beat her our first go around, but she came back and almost doubled my score. Darn disrespectful kids!

So today I got my nails polished (in close to Fuller Center orange); Hailey was kind enough to do this for me. She also painted a bicycle design on each thumb. Really cool, except when Allen entered the bathroom, saw my nails, he turned around and left. Hmmmph to him if he can't handle his feminine side. Then he has the nerve to tell me that he has lost all respect for me, just because of my pretty nails. Hmmmph, wait until he sees my tattoo. :o)

Most are sitting around resting up for next week, playing pool, playing games, or packing for another early start. We only have another week, and riders are getting sad about having to say goodbye soon. Alyssa bailed out with her family and took Anne with her so they would both have a bed to sleep in tonight. Both are sad about missing the ride tomorrow.

I need to have a very easy way to record my thoughts for blogging while riding my bike, because when I sit down at night it all will just not come back to me. Maybe by next year I will have it figured out. Official announcement on next year's rides should be on the web tomorrow. We know; you have to wait.


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