Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 26 riding ...

Bike day 26 for me/6 to go
Greenville, OH to Columbus, OH 96 miles
Build days done 6/build days left 1
Temp 95 F; humidity not bad

A great day riding again. First 25 miles I rode in a pace line with about 13 riders for most of the time. Chris lead for a while and then took off. I was then second in line behind Jonas (Tall Bike) riding at about 18-20 MPH. After he took his turn for a while he pulled out and went to the back of the line, which left me in the lead. I was able to maintain our pace, but did notice my heart rate increased by about 12-15 BPM, which is just the difference between drafting and leading. After I and a few others dropped back I noticed the speed increased to as much as 22 MPH. We continued the line almost to the first van stop, but when we started climbing a longish incline the line spread out according to climbing ability. Fun, fun, fun!!!

I rode strong to the second van stop also, doing some minor drafting. Then on the way to the third van stop I was riding with three other riders in a nice draft line, when one of the riders caught and passed us. We continued our pace line, and a number of miles later we caught him again and he stayed with us in the back of the line. So we had a nice pace going for a while again, when I decided to take off and push for the next van stop which was coming up soon. I was feeling really good. After I had put some distance between us I noticed that the same rider had also broken away and was trying to catch me. I decided that would not happen before the stop, and I smoked him to the next stop. Jason and the Dragon Killer were already at the stop resting, and saw what happened, and were all nice to me. I told them that I thought it was probably my new nail polish that gave me the power, and also may have made the other rider really want to beat me! Fun, fun, fun, and more fun!!!

So I finished the ride, but not as strong. This old guy can't ride that hard for 96 miles, but still had fun finishing.

We had a great dinner at Kyle's house since he lives in Columbus. His parents were just terrific to have us all over to their house. Kyle rode with us before and had to leave for a job. We also had a bunch of new and past riders join us. We left in the morning with close to 40 riders, which is a record for the Fuller Center rides! A few were also previous segment riders who joined us for the day only. Ryan also rejoined the ride so that he can ride into D.C. with us. Getting all these riders settled with a meeting to greet them made for a long day, and no time for me to blog.

Location:Columbus, OH

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