Friday, August 12, 2011

Build day 7 ...

We worked at two locations today. One house required painting only, and for the other, we painted inside and replaced an outside deck. I went to the deck house, because I do not like to paint, or work inside. It was again a depressing day for me, since I was not able to help much with the work. I did jump in where I could, and did do some actual staining of the deck. This build was not coordinated very well, as we had to get materials and tools to perform the work. That is usually already at the work site, so we lost some work time running back and forth to Lowe's to pick up stuff.

I did get to meet Linda Fuller, who has remarried. She is a very nice, pleasant lady, as is her new husband.

Big day tomorrow! We will be getting up early and riding to meet at the Capitol steps for a planned event. Linda will also be there to greet us. There is another group of riders also planning to meet on the Capitol steps and we are trying to beat them there! Not sure how that will work as we are having a late dinner tonight at a sports bar. Brian Mitchell, former football star and local radio host, was at both build sites today, and arranged the dinner tonight. He seems like a very nice, caring guy, and is giving us lots of coverage via his show.

And so tomorrow we set off on our last ride for this adventure! Assuming I can finish this 40 mile ride tomorrow I will have ridden about 2,430 miles. I have ridden in the van three times, all because of the weather. Two days I overheated in the sun, and the other was at the top of Berthoud Pass when I got so cold I could not continue, so I missed the fun of riding down from the pass after working so hard to reach the top.


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