Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 27 riding ...

Bike day 27 for me/5 to go
Columbus, OH to Cambridge, OH 78 miles
Build days done 6/build days left 1
Temp 95 F; humidity high most of day

We woke up today with everybody using flashlights. The adventure continues, because power had gone out about 3:30, and we woke up sweaty and clammy with no lights. I'm on breakfast corps now, so we had fun with a gas stove cooking eggs which we had prepared last night ready to cook. Did not go too bad; we were just a little later leaving. 

Another nice day riding except for the humidity. So many people on the adventure now that the van stops are crowded. I need to stay in front to
beat the crowds to the van. But then we get ahead of the group, and wait for the van to catch up because it has to wait for all the riders and sweeps to clear the van so they can move to the next stop. More challenges for the adventure.

More hills again today, but not very steep, just a lot more of them. Then I had to ride my bike to the YMCA for showers.

Short tonight because I'm behind. Lights out now, and I'm not ready for bed!


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