Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 25 riding ...

Yesterday: A build day in Indianapolis. We cleared two lots for homes to be built soon. On one of the lots we tore off most of a roof, shingles, and side boards, replaced windows and a door in a back garage. The local affiliate was going to put the roof back on. We ended up filling an entire dumpster with trash, brush, and rotted building material.

Not sure why, but I am having trouble with the build sites, and I was really looking forward to them. A big reason I wanted to start in Salt Lake was because of the build day that week in Craig, CO. But, I am finding myself mostly depressed, and having a difficult time making myself pitch in to help. I know my shoulder is a big part of the problem, and limits greatly what I can do, but it seems more than that. Also could be that I am just tired from the riding, but I am feeling more lazy and depressed than tired. I will just have to try harder tomorrow, because building is what we do! As I find myself standing around watching, I am also noticing how hard others are working. Some with no physical problems are doing less than I am. Others just jump right in and get the job done, working hard all day, and going back to the church filthy dirty. But, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and they usually balance out nicely.

Bike day 25 for me/7 to go
Indianapolis, IN to Greenville, OH 100 miles
Build days done 5/build days left 2 (one tomorrow)
Temp 95 F; humidity not bad
I am close to 2,000 miles on this trip, which puts me at about 4,000 for the year.

Today was a nice ride again. I had trouble with the Garmin locating satellites this morning, so my mileage was off a little, but compensating for that, I think I came in at 100 miles even. The first 25 miles I rode behind Allen (age 22). He was being kind to let me keep up with him, but it allowed me to realize what a very good rider he is. Very smooth, confident, and an extremely solid and steady biker. Very easy and safe to ride with. The second 20 miles I rode with Jonas. He is the Tall Bike, and is always having people stop, stare, and wanting to take pictures. So I get some notoriety just being close to him. So of course I had to tease him when we passed a very good looking blond gal waiting to cross at a light and I noticed him looking at her. I told him I wanted to be blond or to get a tall bike like him so I would be noticed also. He agreed, and then I told him that they both get noticed because they are dumb, (excuse the "dumb blond" reference...just kidding) and I really didn't qualify. The rest of the ride I rode some with a few others, some in a draft line, but a lot by myself.

Lisa came up to me after the ride today, very serious which scared me for a minute, until she started to tell me how much she admired me for what I was able to do riding. I keep trying to play my age card for special considerations; front seat in the van, first in the desert line, etc. But she turned it on me, and told me how impressed she was with my riding these long rides, and coming in still looking good and smiling. I told her that hanging out with all these youngsters had already lowered my age to 60. Lisa said, "Oh, no, you're easily in your 50's." Did she say early 50's? Fooled her!

Jonas noticed a clicking in my rear wheel while I was riding with him that he will check out tomorrow. I also need to put the spare tire I have on my rear wheel. I've been watching it, and now is the time to change it for these last 7 rides. I don't want to be in the mountains with a blow out. The front still looks OK.

Enough for now, but just so you know, I'm having a great time with this adventure.


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