Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 28 riding ...

Bike day 28 for me/4 to go
Cambridge, OH to Wheeling, WV 63 miles
Build days done 6/build days left 1
Temp 90 F; humidity high most of day

Hills, hills and more hills all day today. I loved meeting my friends, the hills. Too bad we didn't have any head winds; I missed them today. Not many pace lines today with all the hills. The hills do seem to separate the riding abilities, and stretch out the group. One of my "granddaughters," Sarah, got slightly injured today when she got hit by a car. Tonight she was constantly calling out "Don't touch my butt," like she is used to people touching her butt all the time, and wanted them to stop tonight. :-)

But, seriously, I am totally amazed with these young people, as they continually try to help me with just about anything. Olivia (Lady O), is especially kind, and always asking, and telling me that if I ever need help to just let her know. Megan, who left this morning, asked me if she could carry my bag downstairs for me. Unfortunately I didn't have it packed all the way, and if careful, I can haul it myself. But all the gestures are really nice, and not just from these two. Any time I have trouble with something, I look around, and call to whomever is close to help me, and they jump right over to help. All are very supportive of me with my injured shoulder.

Poison Ivy! Yuck! It's going through the troops, and spreading on me, so I paid a visit to the medical clinic across the street from the church where we're staying. I got a steroid shot, which the doc said should take care of the problem quickly. Also recommended a cortisone cream to dry up the area. I also got a cream for a bacterial infection in my privates, that my saddle keeps irritating, which the doc also said should clear up quickly. Thank goodness for the medical clinic!

More hills tomorrow leading up to the Appalachian Mountains; maybe we will climb those Wednesday. Today and tomorrow may just be the foothills of the Appalachians, and another shorter day tomorrow I think. Very interesting area we were riding through today. Different somehow from other areas. Too busy climbing to figure out why, but I sure liked what I saw.


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