Saturday, March 10, 2012


An update on Thursday: it was much more pleasant driving in to KC than it was pedaling in last year when my bike computer registered well over 100 degrees. 

Friday: up and driving at 6am after spending a very nice evening with JD and Judy, in their beautiful home. What a nice couple and a great dinner. A big thanks to them as we now witness a beautiful sunrise on the road to Nashville.

Arrived Nashville and it was great seeing my buddies from last year; hugs all around when we got to the church. Fun meeting all the new riders, and now trying to remember their names. Then, when we all put our helmets and sunglasses on everybody looks different, so we have to learn names with the different look. If it wasn't so much fun, I would just go home! But then I would not be helping people that need homes worked on.

A great practice ride today, only 12 miles, but a good way to get to know how we work as a group riding together. Four of us rode to a bike shop after our practice ride today. Matthew forgot his water bottles, and I forgot my butt butter and some Clif Bars I had set aside.

So....the adventure has started. Nice orientation sessions today, and tomorrow the riding begins, as we head to Williamsport, about a 56 mile ride. Even after six weeks of this adventure last year, the hardest part still seems to be getting organized. Pictures from today are posted on my Facebook page. More later.


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