Friday, March 9, 2012

On the road....

Written yesterday forgot to post:

We are now on our way to The Spring Ride. Matthew, Bob, and I are traveling in Bob's RV to Nashville. Bob has a nice rig, except traveling at 65 mph in a tall vehicle, with some wind, might just make me seasick. We will be staying with an army buddy of Bob's tonight, and then roll into Nashville in time to meet the other 25 riders tomorrow evening. I am excited to get back with nine of the riders I rode with on last summer's adventure. A great group!

A minor setback. I spent all day yesterday chasing after doctors when I should have been home packing. Seems I have a rather large kidney stone trying to interfere with my Spring Ride. I managed to talk the urologist into waiting until after the ride to remove it, but I had to cancel the bike riding back from Nashville to Denver that Bob and I were planning to do together, alternating between biking and driving. I also had to book a flight back, so now Bob will drive home by himself. I just need the stone to stay in place so I can enjoy this adventure.

I'm becoming famous...? I got an email from Joe Doolittle, a reporter with The Oxford Eagle in Oxford, MS, who interviewed me over the phone. It turns out he just graduated and this is his first professional assignment. He did a great job and I wish him well.

Here's a nice article written about this old geezer, posted on The Fuller web site:


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