Thursday, March 15, 2012

Build day....

A great day building. We traveled to Water Valley, MS today to work on five houses. For the house I helped on we built a handicapped ramp for a lady who has been stuck in her house for two years, unable to get off her porch. We also scraped and painted her entire front porch. Others helped with a handicapped ramp at another site; another group was helped replace a roof; and  other groups worked on other projects. A fabulous day of helping and giving of our talents to folks in need.

We were fed a nice bar-b-q lunch, and then a fabulous dinner at the Methodist church in Water Valley. Here I met and had a nice talk with the lady below, whom I challenged to be ready to ride the Trace with us next year. She accepted the challenge, and I told her I was taking her picture to document her acceptance. She mentioned something about losing some weight, and being ready when we come back. I thought she looked great, but I failed to get her name. I am so bad.

It was a little over an hour's drive to the work site, and I had a delightful talk with Dr. Tom on the way back. It was fun sharing our family stories, and family values with him.

I'm still not a lot of help on the work sites, but felt better about helping today. Jeffrey was very patient with me, explaining about the ramp and and why it was being built the way it was. At least this year the shoulder is doing much better, so I could lift and fetch more. It's still difficult for this old body, while I'm riding a lot, to get my legs to work well enough to be able to bend down, or actually get down on the ground to even help with simple things. Oh well, we all do what we can, the best we can.

Back on the bike tomorrow for a restful 76 miles to Kosciusko, MS.


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