Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sparce Riding....

Training is going more ways than one. I'm having trouble getting out, and when I do get out, I'm slow! Weather has been a problem and at this time of year the wind at over 30 mph is still my friend but  continues to be a challenge! Yesterday we had wind speeds of 52 mph and gusts up to 72 mph. I stayed inside. I did manage to get 104 miles in last week, so I am getting some training in, but way to little. At this rate I will not even have my butt saddle ready, let alone my legs and lungs. So it looks like I will be using the Spring Ride, and ride home, as a great start to training for both coasts.

Only a week until I leave for the Spring Break Fuller Center ride. I will be traveling in an RV with my friend Bob and my son Matthew, who are both participating in the ride. After this one week ride I'll travel back home with Bob, and he and I will take turns riding our bike and driving the RV, so we'll each ride our bike half the distance back home or about 600 miles each. That will give us about 1,000 miles riding for March. Both coasts will total 3,600 miles, and I have a goal of about 8,000 miles for 2012. That may be a steep goal for me, but without getting hurt, reachable?

I must focus on raising money to help the families in need, and of course for me to be able to ride. I need to raise the $1.00 per mile to keep me on the road helping to raise awareness, helping with the builds that are scheduled, and meeting great people. I'll soon be sending out emails to all who helped me last year, and to anyone else I can think of. We have a sponsor for the spring ride, so every dollar raised for that ride goes directly to families in need of affordable housing. Remember, we help people, we do not give  handouts. They pay for all materiels, and supply their own labor for their home and so many hours helping others people with their homes.

Should you wish to help at this time my donate button is on the right, just below my picture with my bike, or just click here:

Please help if you can, and believe in our mission. By donating you are not only helping me to be able to ride; the funds go to the people in need.

The Fuller Center has asked the spring riders to record a short video about riding with The Fuller Center; here is the link they posted of my video on Facebook:

Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure
Meet Tom! A veteran rider who's looking forward to an amazing summer! #endpovertyhousing

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