Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day four riding....

Another great day, smaller pace line, but I was still riding fairly well. I was, however, glad it was a short 48 mile day. I'm just not used to this kind of mileage yet. I needed to have many more hours in the saddle before the adventure began.

We got to the church early, and waited a short time for the church to be opened. A group of us walked a few short blocks to a restaurant for lunch and had nice fellowship together. Much easier talking across a table than on the bikes. Tonight there was a group of Mennonites sharing dinner with us, as well as the congregation. I counted about 100 people at dinner, with plenty of food for all.

During the church service with the entire group, The Fuller Center was responsible for the "preaching" part of the service. Allen showed a video explaining who we are and what we do, talked about Millard and Linda Fuller and how they got started, which is always inspirational. Then Allen called on Jonas, Ray, and me to talk about how we got involved. Jonas and Ray were great, and they said I did good also.

Hailey showed up today, and Ryan left. I got a big hug from Hailey and caught up on what she has been doing since last summer. I am so privileged to know this fine young lady. Right after riding last summer she took off for missionary work in China. After four months there, she started working for The Fuller Center and ended up in Peru, where she met Anne, so I got information about her. Then Hailey caught me up on Sarah, who helped her move to Americus to start working there.

One of the benefits of this ride is that my tan lines are coming back. This year I had promised myself that I was going to use sunscreen much more than I did in the past. So, of course, when I started using it I realized the bottle's almost empty.

Work day tomorrow, then two more days of riding, both days over 70 miles. I'll need to pace myself for those two days.


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