Friday, March 16, 2012

One more day....

Another very nice ride today, with sunny, comfortable weather, bordering on warm. As I left Houston, the first five miles I was feeling exhilarated with the beauty and wonder of life while riding with new and old friends. Then as I was riding along going thru some ups and downs of energy levels, I began wondering why the entire ride can't be as exhilarating? Especially the last five miles, because my butt was hurting and all I was doing was hoping the church could be closer. But then I see the steeple, and the exhilaration of reaching our destination replaces the pain in the numb butt, and it is another great ride completed.

We have a much older group for this ride, but I am still having fun playing the geezer as the oldest rider. Driving over to Nashville to start this ride, I was tracked down by phone by a reporter to do an interview. Since then I think I have done at least 3 more interviews, and last night Jonas, Ray and I had fun talking to the congregation which was quite large. I often tease about riding with my "kids" and "grandkids", but as my three readers know, my son Matthew is riding with us, and I am hoping that his daughter will be interested soon in joining the ride. She needs to be a little older, but needs to hurry, because I am not getting any younger. Three generations riding for The Fuller Center would be really special.

We have been riding through pollen for the last couple of days, and noticing some yellow on our arms. But today at the third rest stop, it was warmer, so Tony poured water over his head to cool off, and somebody comments on the flow of water on the ground from his head, which is running yellow from the pollen he had collected while riding the last few hours. Just something else to talk about while we wait for pizza to be delivered.

Maranda had another flat today, and as I slowed down to see what the party was about, I find 5 or 6 guys helping her change the flat tire. Now, how many guys does it take to help change a tire? Oh yeah, a pretty girl needs help--I remember now. Lois, I just rode on by.


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