Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eleven weeks left to train ...

Wow, I have a follower on my blog, thank you Lavern. I just found my follower last night, so I added that section to my blog page so it shows. I am still trying to learn how my blog works, and to respond properly, so please bear with me. Lavern, I hope Tadeusz got my email response to your week 2 training comment. Next time I will answer in comments like I should.

So far I am still the oldest rider, but we now have 2 other riders over the age of 60 doing the entire ride, with another 2 doing one or more of the segments. And, we now have Leonard Pope, Kansas City Chiefs tight end as our honorary chair. I think Pope should get a bike, eliminate the honorary part, and actually ride some. Nice to have him on board in support. We are up to 27 Whole Way Riders, and 28 riders doing one or more segments.

My training has not been as exciting as the ride is getting to be. I missed Monday and Tuesday with my bike in the shop, and Wednesday and Thursday getting and recovering from my second cortisone shot in my lower back. This shot will work or not, it’s not up to me, but I will be riding. So far it feels pretty good.

Only a total of about 5:30 hours and 59 miles for the week. Lower miles equates to a weight loss of nothing! Still at 205. Maybe I should not have enjoyed that root beer float last night. I sent my Garmin Edge 705 in for repair, so I have been riding without a computer and guessing at mileage last week. I should get it back early this week, I hope. Garmin has a nice program now. As soon as they receive your unit, they ship a new unit back to you. Then they rebuild your old one and resell it, and my cost was very reasonable.

Temperature looks good for most of next week, however, some rain is in the forecast. I should be able to ride around the rain and increase my riding days and mileage. I need to start getting some longer distance rides in.

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