Sunday, March 20, 2011

Twelve weeks left to train ...

Rode 5 days this week for a total of 10:45 hours and 116.1 miles. The heart rate is staying within zones, but now the legs aren't strong enough to push the heart to train harder. This may just mean that the body is not ready to work that hard. Another couple of weeks and they should be working together properly. I am using heart rate zones that were established two years ago, and I should probably get tested again. Maybe I can find time soon?

The weight is dropping, I lost another 3 lbs this week, which puts me at 205 lbs. I am staying on track with the weight, and if I can keep it up I should weigh about 180 lbs when I start the ride.

Vecchio’s has the gears, so I will drop off my bike tomorrow evening, and it should be ready by Tuesday. Finding time to ride next week could be problematic. I am scheduled for another cortisone shot Wednesday morning, so I will miss Wednesday and Thursday. I work at the Raptor Education Foundation on Monday, and not sure how soon I will get my bike back on Tuesday. The good news is that the weather looks like it will be staying clear and warm enough, and I will just have to make the time to ride.

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