Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 2 training ...

A little disappointed in the ability of The Fuller Center to record donations on my contribution page. They are doing the best with the system they have, but you must be on my page and use the “donate now” button, to be added to the thermometer. Then you must choose to have your name or “anonymous” added to the “honor role” or then be able to add a comment with your name. If you just send in a check it is recorded on my account, but it can’t be added to the contribution page. They are working to upgrade the system, and it should be much better next year. A big thanks to the Texas cowgirl who made a nice donation that does not show up on my page.

Well, I have started to concentrate some on my weight, and lost my goal of 2 lbs a week, so I am now down to 208 lbs. I was only able to get three rides in this week for a total of about 4 hrs and about 49 miles. My heart rate is starting to work a little more efficiently, so that’s good. Peter at Vecchio’s Bicicletteria has ordered parts for my bike for bigger granny gears. The last time I asked Peter for bigger gearing he told me to just lose 20 lbs, which I did. But now the 20 lbs+ is back and he has more options for gearing, so I will be able to climb easier, especially with a loaded bike. Should have the gears by the end of next week, and maybe even installed by then. I have also switched to heavier more puncture proof tires to try to eliminate some flat tires. No matter what they claim, these goat heads (grass burrs in other parts of the country) go thru just about anything.

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  1. Hello Mr Weber, I was happy to find your interesting blog. I'm helping Tadeusz Dymowski with preparations for the ride, though I won't be able to join myself. Tadeusz is really happy for everyone over 60 who's joining the ride, so he won't feel so out of place! He's also worried about communicating in English, but I think he'll do alright if he's patient and I'm sure the rest of the group will be patient with him too. I'm printing out your blog for him to read and translate for English practice, he's already done that will all the the intros on "Meet the Riders".

    Happy Trails!
    Lavern Hershberger