Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ten weeks left to train ...

Wow, over 6.7 billion people in the world, and I have 3 of them as blog followers. Welcome to Megan who will be a fellow rider and has her own blog going, which I enjoyed reading the other day. Also welcome to Jay, a bike rider, who is a buddy from my working days in Chicago; thanks for following my blog.

Got an email from my good riding buddy, Don E., from our riding club, that he will be joining us for the Denver to Hill City, KS segment. Don resembles the title of my blog, geezer, and he may even be older than I.

Weight loss was successful last week, weighed in at 203 this morning, so back on the 2 lbs per week loss program. Training was great last week. I rode each day, Monday to Saturday, and will rest today (good thing as it is snowing). A total of 20 hrs and 194 miles for the week. Had a nice ride yesterday, with my geezer friends, and we logged in 52.65 miles, but first time out for some, so they were really dragging. We had a head wind that got stronger and stronger as we struggled back to our cars. As usual I kept encouraging my fellow riders to make friends with the inclines and the head winds. Much better to make friends than to make enemies.

All the riders are still trying to raise money for this ride. I got the following info from Megan’s blog page, which points out how important each dollar is. When you donate, this is how your money is spent:

$15 = Box of Nails
$25 = 1 gallon of paint
$50 = 1 box of flooring tiles
$75 = Enough nails to build one house!
$100 = 3 bundles of roofing shingles
$150 = 1 medium size window
$250 = 1 exterior door
$500 = Siding
$1000 = Roof trusses
$2500 = A house in the Congo
$5500 = A house in El Salvador

We all have a decent place to live. If we help others to have a decent place to live, we improve the entire planet that we live on. Much better to help people than to just look the other way.

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