Saturday, March 5, 2011


After 6 weeks of rest, and a cortisone shot in my lower back, my orthopedic doc has now cleared me to begin activities again. Starting with some physical therapy, and some easy riding. I have a lot of arthritis in my back, and the rest of my body as well, but I hate sitting around, so I better start training.

The ride for me is now a possibility, and it is only about 13 weeks to the start, June 10 in Seattle. We now have 22 riders going the entire distance, and another 20 doing one or more segments. This is the largest group of riders Fuller has had, and it is getting very exciting for me to begin this journey.

I have added another link to this blog, “Tom’s Donation Page for Bike Adventure,” to make it easier for you to donate your “thousands” for this beautiful cause.  All kidding aside, any amount will help and be greatly appreciated.

This last 6 months has been a bit difficult with all the injuries I’ve sustained. It started with a partial tear of my right rotator cuff playing tennis. Then some discomfort in my left shoulder from compensating for the right shoulder. Next my right foot/ankle started hurting as soon as I started playing tennis again. Weeks of PT later I started tennis again and the next day I fell riding my bike. That resulted in a separated left shoulder and more rest. Then my lower back started acting up and the ortho doc put me on 6 weeks of rest. So, I plan to ride more (without falling) and play less, or with less intensity? Is that possible for me?

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