Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Start....

I'm setting up this site to report on the progress of my upcoming bike ride with The Fuller Center. As of today we have 15 riders going the full distance, and another 14 riders doing one or more segments of this ride. So far I am the oldest rider at 68, and plan to teach the youngsters how to properly set a slow to slower pace.

The purpose of this ride is to bring awareness of the needs of people living in inadequate housing, and to raise money to help build decent places for them to live in dignity.

To learn more about The Fuller Center and this ride, click on the link on the right, “The Fuller Bike Adventure.” Find About the Ride, and then to Meet the Riders, and then to Tom Weber. After reading about me, the only courteous thing to do is to donate money! Every rider's goal is at least $1.00 for every mile they are riding. Any amount will help, so please don't feel obligated to donate the full $3,600.

Right now I am resting my injured body but will begin training the first of March, and will try to update this post as I progress.

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