Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cold but dry ...

Ahh, dry shoes to start the ride with, so it was a beautiful day for biking. When it’s cold, it’s cold, but, if properly dressed, it’s no problem. However, here’s how it goes on a cold ride. Stop at the first rest stop to get something to eat, you start to get cold. Hurry to start riding, so the body heat gets going again. But, now you’re cold for the next ten minutes while the body regulates back to riding. Brrrr, fun.

We had a late start from the church this morning, leaving some time after nine because we had a short ride day, only about 37 miles. A couple miles back to the Trace I got into a paceline and found myself trucking along at about 20 mph, which was fun for a few miles until Jesse pulled out and left me leading the pace. I kept the pace for a short while, but started to slow down, so I pulled out to let the next person maintain the pace. Unfortunately, with the upcoming incline, I was dropped. But, this was good, because I got to ride the rest of the day with Matthew and Harper. Not as many inclines today (some riders call them hills, but those riders are not from Colorado!), so I was able to keep up with Matthew, who was letting Harper keep up with him.

And, it was good riding with two really neat people (even Matthew has turned out quite exceptional, in spite of my influence). As I’ve said before, it’s so great to share this adventure with both Matthew and Harper. And, Harper (like her dad) is a nice, caring person --- jumping in yesterday to help a family in need, asking what else she could do more than once, interacting with the other riders. She’s still a kid, but look out, ‘cause here she comes.

We arrived at the church earlier than normal, but they had lunch ready for us. Yum, the fragrant aromas from cooking 30 lbs of barbecue made my mouth water. I tried to see if they needed an early taster!!!

Two more 70 plus days, with cold and rain predicted for both days. It would be easy, in that kind of weather, to be couch potatoes, but that would be boring and we would be helping no one. Life is good.

Peace ...

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