Friday, March 22, 2013

Bummer ...

Cold and rain. I got a late start from the church after a fabulous breakfast prepared by the Parkway Baptist men. Made it to the first van stop with the sweeps, warmed up, and left a number of riders who had already bailed, in the van. I was on my bike, waiting for the remaining three riders to mount up, but I started shivering, so I just took off. Half a mile down the road I was shivering worse, so I picked it up, trying to get some body heat going. I did manage to stop shivering, and the other riders caught me. I stayed with them for a while, but they soon dropped me. The sweeps caught up with me with about 6 miles to go to the third rest stop and I sent them ahead, telling them I was going to bail at the van stop. They did go on, made it to the stop, and sent Jack back for me. I loaded up and called it a ride. 

Of course I wanted to finish the ride, but if the van had had to wait for me I would have slowed down the van stop process, which would have inconvenienced the remaining riders, and then the lead riders would not have had service. So, it was time for me to call it quits!

All in all it was a tough day for me and for everybody else. Of course, our day’s struggle is no way as tough as the people we’re trying to help, but it was still a trying day for the riders. I did make about 60 miles of the day’s 75 miles. Since I didn’t need the van at all last year, I don’t feel too bad about my stopping early on this day’s ride, just a little disappointed.

And, from the weather forecast, it looks like more of the same for tomorrow.

Peace ...


  1. Looks like you are having fun. I'm jealous .
    Paul Y

  2. Don't be jealous, join us!