Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A much better day ...

… except for the 96 miles! The day started cold; my bike thermometer registered 32.5ºF. Fortunately, my jackets did get dry after all the rain yesterday, but my shoes were still a bit damp. And, damp shoes with the cold temp made for very cold feet. One of the riders came up with the idea of putting hands on the hood of the van to warm them up, which was definitely a benefit. Some riders even warmed their faces on the hood as well.

But, surprise, surprise, I finally started to get some confidence on the bike, and didn’t have nearly so much trouble with the distance as I thought I might. The shoulder was still bothering some, but was more manageable today. My butt, however, was hurting! Of course, the entire body needs the training (which mine didn’t get) to be able to handle the long hours in the saddle. 

Family… so proud of Harper! She did a leapfrog kind of day. Instead of trying to ride the entire 96 miles, she decided to try for something she could do within reason. She rode the first 27 mile segment, got in the van for the next 20 miles, rode, van, rode. She hit her day’s goal of a metric century, 62 miles. Pretty darn good for a 14 year old “punk kid”! And, on top of doing the distance, she was rockin’ in the lead pace line while her gramps was waaaay back. I did manage to hook up with a slower pace line, and had fun with that. 

We hooked up with a reportedly “mad cameraman” at the first rest stop, and I was asked to talk to the reporter by Melissa, so I waved Matthew and Harper over, and we three had a fun time talking with the media. Harper spoke right up, answering the questions like a regular rock star.

A build day tomorrow, and I already know I’ll be hurting. So, as usual, the ‘kids’ will do the heavy work, and I’ll have to be satisfied with mostly doing little things to help. 

Let me tell you, it’s such fun riding with another great group of riders again, ‘kids’ who don’t have much bike experience, but are riding really well. 

Peace ...

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  1. Keep up the good work, Geezerman. Wish I could be with you guys this week. And fear not. If we get to ride together this year, you can rest assured that Toolie will be the one at the end of the parade and not you. Give my love to everyone!