Monday, March 18, 2013

A storm? ...

So, I guess we rode through a storm today. Dry when we woke up, but by the time we had breakfast, cleaned up, and saddled up, it had started to rain...and it rained...and rained harder...stopped for about an hour...and rained the rest of the ride. It finally stopped just before the last riders reached the church. I’m not sure when the last time was that I rode an entire ride in the rain. The support van found a rest stop, so we set up the food in the ladies’ room, and used the men's room for other necessities. 

Harper rode the entire first leg, about 23 miles, although she tried to extend it to 25 miles which I guess she thought sounded better. Regardless, she was a trouper! Fourteen years old, riding 23 miles in a storm is most impressive; I’m really proud of her. I ended up riding the last 35 miles seeing only one other rider, (other than at rest stop), who came up and blew by me. 

I went through both of my rain jackets trying to stay warm, as it’s almost impossible to stay dry. As long as the temperature is not real cold, even though you are wet, the rain jackets will keep you warm enough. It gets cold when you stop with the van to get something to eat, which you need, but eating does not generate body heat, so you have to try to eat fast enough to get back on the bike before you get cold. 

Tonight we are trying to get our clothes, shoes, and jackets dry for the morning. Both my bike bags were soaked, and I put the large one in the van for the last leg. It’s heavy enough without being water logged also.

We had a presentation at the church tonight, and Melissa asked me to speak. I think it went well. Three others spoke and did excellent jobs. The church members seemed receptive, and asked some questions (always a good sign they were at least paying attention).

I was still struggling with the riding today. Wearing the brace seems to make my wrist ache, and last night went I lay down for bed, I realized that my (bad) shoulder was aching also. So struggling with the ride was bad enough, now my entire arm ached the entire ride. I finally ended up taking the wrist brace off, which helped a little. We have 96 miles to ride tomorrow; not sure if I’m up to the entire distance. Forecast is cold in the morning, warming up about the time some of the other riders will be finishing. If it stays dry I should be able to stay warm enough, and we’ll see if I’m able to make the distance.

Peace ...

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