Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catch-up ...

FedEx delivered my bike Thursday, so I got it put back together, and took it out for a ride this morning. I’ve been riding my old friend Waterford the last few days, but am glad to have my new Mosiac to ride again. It performed flawlessly on both coasts, having gone over 3,600 miles. This year I have ridden 4,180 miles for The Fuller Center for Affordable Housing. Another big thanks to those who have donated to make this possible. I am blessed!

I’m having a blast reading the Facebook postings from all the FCBA’ers, keeping in touch with each other because of the beautiful friendships made during this nine-week, 3,600-mile adventure, helping people get into affordable homes. I love all of these “kids” and I am blessed to have ridden with them, gotten to know them, and now get to follow them as we all get back to business as usual.

Life is good ...


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  1. Hi Tom! I just finished reading about your west coast adventure. I may need to back track and catch up on the east coast as well! Such wonderful stories... You're such a cool guy! I'm so glad I got to meet you last year!