Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 16 (of 22) riding ...

Carmel, CA to Cambria, CA
Staying at First Baptist Church of Cambria
105.4 miles today, average pace 12.9 mph
Total ascent 7,178 feet (grades 4%-8%)
Lots of work today ... the Big Sur region, along the central coast of California, is incredibly beautiful, as well as dangerous. Awesome scenery to view, when it could be seen through the clouds/fog. 

Lots and lots  and lots of climbing with some nice descents to go along with all the work of getting to the top. Lots and lots of curves in the road. Very little shoulder most of the time. Lots and lots and lots and lots of dumb drivers, passing us by crossing over the double yellow lines when they were heading into a blind curve. No injuries, so all is well, but just stupid chances taken time after time.
The challenge was definitely there today. Over 7,000 feet elevation gain going up and down these hills at some strong grades, combined with the 105 mile distance, was just plain work. Lots of fun biking, which, with the curves, road conditions, and traffic, created a challenge that kept us on our toes all day long. Difficult to keep the concentration level needed for riding in the area while trying to see the scenery or trying to find a place to stop for pictures. A great day of riding!

We did find a good place to stop for some photos of the seals. Fascinating to watch their interaction, or in some cases, seeming lack of action. 
I rode mostly with Sarah again today, and told her, “You pass me going up hills, you run away from me on the downhills, you set a pace on the flats that I can't keep up with, and you’re just a girl! How is that fair?” And she answered, “Because you’re just an old man!” Ya gotta love good buddies!
I have called Sarah a ‘goofpot’ (a warm term of endearment!) ever since sharing the bike adventure with her last summer. She proved my point again by posing in front of this road sign.
Bedtime will be early tonight, after this beautiful day of adventure ends with a rinse off in the sink because showers were not available.
Peace ... 

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