Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day off ...

Reseda, CA
Kirk of the Valley Presbyterian Church

Turbo, Chris, and I went for breakfast this morning, after sleeping until 7:00. Just a short half mile walk to a grubby looking but decent diner. Then back to the church for a nap until about 10:00. 

Still feeling blah, so yesterday’s ride was evidently tougher on me than I realized. A lot of lethargy throughout the whole group this morning as we try to recover.

Not much planned today, as the forecast is for at least three days of 100+ temperature, and there’s not much energy within our group that I can see, so we’re all really taking a day off! 

Peace ... 

Day 19 (of 22) riding ...

Santa Barbara, CA to Reseda, CA
Staying at Kirk of the Valley Presbyterian Church
88.8 miles today, average pace 13.8 mph
Total ascent 2,467 feet (grades 4%-7%)

Heat ... This morning we took off in unexpected brightness. It took some time and miles to figure out that the very bright thing in the sky was the SUN. What a pleasant surprise. However, with the sun out all day the heat also found us. My computer registered over 110 F, and in that heat the real problem was, of course, staying hydrated. I was able to drink enough water until the last 20 miles. I drank about two-thirds of my second bottle, but the remaining water got so hot I couldn’t drink it, so just toughed out the last 6 miles with small sips. Not ideal, but I drank enough to get over the last pretty decent hill. We passed stores where I could have stopped, but I wanted to finish more than I wanted to stop for water. Considering everything, I was surprised I felt as good as I did. Some of the other riders were struggling, and suffering, trying to get rehydrated. 

Turbo's son Mike graciously came by after the ride to give free chiropractor adjustments to any of the riders who needed or wanted the adjustment. He commented that he was making a lot of similar adjustments. Makes sense, with all of us being in similar positions on the bike, that the same work would be needed. Mike also arranged for a massage therapist to come by and give half-hour massage to any who wanted to sign up and pay. I was not really interested in a half-hour massage, but signed up for a full hour!

Carmen and I attended a grief recovery meeting after dinner. She has been riding in honor of her friend who died while on a bike ride last year. The group just happened to be meeting at the host church, and we asked if we could join them. It was a celebration of the end of their class, so we got to listen to the testimonies from each of the attendees. They use the Grief Recovery Method, http://www.griefrecoverymethod.com/ which is very similar to the group I attended after my sister, Pat, died 18 years ago. I think Carmen will try to hook up with a facilitator when she gets home after the ride.

Peace ...

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