Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 17 (of 22) riding ...

Cambria, CA to Santa Maria, CA
Staying at First Christian Church
73.8 miles today, average pace 12.7 mph
Total ascent 2,111 feet (grades 4%-6%)
***Chocolate malt rating today:  6.0 good taste, but no body
***Chocolate malt rating for yesterday:  bad day, found none
***Chocolate malt rating for two days ago:  1st one, 1.0; 2nd one, 6.0
Easy riding again ... So, if it was so easy, why was my average speed slower today than yesterday? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Rode again with my buddy Sarah, and also some with Wendy. Not much climbing today, and what climbs we did have were not very long. However, we did have one hill that I had to walk. I got part way up and had to stop while I was showing 13% grade, and it was getting steeper. I had every intention of riding this thing, but could not summon the will to carry on. Kurt had it rated at about 22%, but I don't think that could be accurate. I should have tried harder, and was disappointed that I did not. I found out later that Carmen made that climb and I was so proud of her. And then, of course, more disappointed in myself for not trying harder.
The day started out with a heavy mist again, which finally cleared just before the 25 mile mark, and finally warmed enough for me to get my jacket and then vest off for the last 15 miles or so. The trouble is that I sweat under the jacket that’s keeping me dry and warm, but then I can't get out of the jacket because I’m wet, and it’s too cold with the jacket off because I’m too wet. Oh, my -- the troubles of a bike rider.
We passed by more strawberry fields, as well as fields of other crops. When we stopped for pictures a worker told us they were harvesting, packaging, and shipping broccoli. Quite an operation all done out in the field. Makes the build day we had on the East Coast more meaningful, having provided a migrant family with a two-story home for under $10,000.
I had some mental problems trying to keep myself going in the ride again today, but made a fast effort to block them successfully, and was able to enjoy 99% of the ride.
Showers again at a local community center that had an amazing swimming facility. We had access to the showers only between 3:00 and 5:00 because of the swimming programs they run, but that worked for us!
Tonight we enjoyed a lasagna dinner provided by the church folks. A very receptive group, and they invited us to talk to them following dinner, after the dishes were all cleaned up. Allen gave his usual good presentation, after which the folks asked for stories from the riders. So, of course, I talked for a while, as did four others. The church members will also provide breakfast for us at 5:30, which is a nice treat and makes it easier and quicker for us to get out on the road.  
Peace ...

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