Sunday, December 30, 2012

Biking in 2012 is over....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....

At the beginning of the year I thought I could ride 7,000 miles if I stayed healthy, so I set that as my goal for the year. Please notice that I finally got up the nerve to try to ride "look mom, no hands".

Totals for 2012:
7,402 miles
554 hours
238,706 feet gained
333,188 calories burned

The Fuller Center riding was over August 11, and it was another great adventure. I was very blessed to have been able to ride over 4,100 miles without once needing to get into the van for help. Every Fuller Center rider has been an inspiration to me, and a joy to have ridden with. I am in awe of their dedication to serve people in need, and the depth of their religious faith. Because of my association with these wonderful individuals, I have been blessed and my personal faith has been strengthened.

A major benefit of the sometimes endless miles of riding is the opportunity to speak to church groups along the way about our mission, and meeting the wonderfully loving communities we come in contact with.

Of course the best is to personally witness as we work at the build sites. This is what keeps us all pedaling when sometimes all we want to do is throw our bikes over a cliff. I wish all of you who have donated money and encouragement could experience the feeling of leaving a work site after having helped a family in need of decent, affordable housing.

After the Fuller rides, a group of 13 from my geezer community went up to Yellowstone in September  for another week of riding. Five days and 259 miles, beautiful scenery, with decent weather except for the smoke from one of the many fires we had this year. Notice the special caps embroidered by the spouse of one of the riders that say: Yellowstone Epic, 2012, 259 Miles

After being away from Colorado's altitude for almost three months, it was very evident to me how much altitude affects one's ability to breathe. It took a number of weeks for to acclimate again.
I have already signed up for next year's rides. We will start with a repeat of the spring ride March 15 from Nashville, TN to Jackson, MS along the Natchez Trace Parkway. This is a one week ride of about 400 miles, and a fairly easy ride which helps because it is so early in the riding year. Spring 2012 my son Matthew rode with me, and it's looking like there will be three generations riding Spring 2013 as both my son and granddaughter will be riding with me.

The spring ride will be followed by yet another new route for our summer ride. We will spend 9 weeks riding from Savannah, GA to Vancouver, BC, a total of about 3,700 miles. This will be another tough ride mentally and physically, but I feel called to help, and look forward to getting to know another bunch of great riders, church communities, and families in need. Ride with me if you can, donate if you can, I can use all the encouragement you can send my way, or better yet, let's do it all together!

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