Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two weeks left to train ...

19 days to report for action in Seattle

Lost two days training to the rain, and a partial day when I got caught in a hail storm. It started to rain, so I stopped and went under a store front overhang; before I could even get my rain jacket out the hail came pounding down, and piled up, and stopped about 20 minutes later. The rain continued another half hour until the hail had been washed away. If the rain had not started for another 5 minutes I would have been out on the trail with no cover, and a very unhappy camper (rider).

I finally got two back-to-back 75 mile rides in yesterday and today. Now I only have to do that 6 days in a row to equal what our average will be for this ride. Total for the week is 279 miles, 23 hours in the saddle. Since I started in March I have now logged 1,875 miles trying to get ready for this ride. I think I need all the miles I can get in to try to keep up with these 20 year olds.

Only lost one lb this week, now at 194 lbs and 6 lbs over my goal. At this rate I will be lucky to get down to 190 lbs before I leave.

I caught up and passed another rider today north of Boulder. That does not happen very often, in fact, almost never. She was on a fixed speed Schwinn that she said she got as a 14 year old in 1940. :-)

This is my favorite picture of raptors. This is a Swainson's Hawk that I took on one of my rides a couple weeks ago.

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