Sunday, May 15, 2011

Three weeks left to train ...

26 days to report for action in Seattle

Tomorrow is my last day volunteering at the Raptor Education Foundation until I get back from this adventure. We have 29 raptors that we care for and use in educational programs throughout the country. I usually try to volunteer twice a week, and was lucky enough to be Volunteer of the Year last year. Here is a short video of my buddy, a Harris’s Hawk that I am holding on my arm out in the yard to get him some sunshine. Watch closely at the start of the video and you will see a Golden Eagle flying across the pen in the background.

My fat cells seem to be winning. I am still at 195 lbs, and now 5 lbs over my goal. It used to be easier to lose weight when I was running, which makes me think fat cells don’t like bouncing! I have lost enough weight, or toned up a bit, that now I am having trouble with my butt and my saddle. I have to make sure the wrinkles are flat under my sit bones to keep from getting blisters.

Lost two days training to rain this week. I don’t mind riding in the rain, but it has been just too cold for rain. Total for the week is 17 hrs in the saddle, and 202 miles. Again only one day at 75 miles, when I need to be doing some back to back to back 75 mile days.

Thanks to all who have donated to help me reach my goal to ride, but more importantly they have helped eliminate poverty housing. Together we can make this planet a better place to live for all.


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