Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eight weeks left to train ...

54 Days …

Wow, The Fuller Center gives us all these neat things that we can do to get ready for this ride, and one of the things is a “News Release.” So I figured why not since all I have to do is to fill in my name, and send it to a newspaper. So I sent it to two papers, and here is a link to the results which appeared in today’s neighborhood paper. Hmmm, I hope I don’t have to start signing autographs now. :-) Maybe just wear my sunglasses all the time.

202 lbs, yikes I gained a pound. I think I’ll make believe it’s muscle. At 68, not sure I have enough testosterone to make muscle, but I’m not too old to pretend. Maybe I should just change my training recovery drink to something besides Blue Bell Ice Cream and cookies. Maybe I can get them to carry Blue Bell in the sag wagon? We can just divert some of the donation money to buy a freezer that runs off a cigarette lighter for the sag wagon. :-)

Well, I did get seven days in a row riding. Not the distance I wanted, I was hoping to get in over 200 miles last week, but had to settle for 177.14 miles and 15.5 hours in the saddle.

Friday was my first attempt in the foothills. We usually ride up, over, down and then reverse the ride. I only made it up, and had to turn around, pooped. Grade percentages of 10% and more, plus the wind again. Today we rode the foothills again, and it went much better. I was able to ride 6 miles all uphill at mostly 6% grade, but some areas of 10% & 12%, with no stops, and I felt good. Cut off on the way down for 2 more miles uphill before turning around and back down.

Now for my relatives. Ya gotta read this email from …. well I’m not telling who, but I love her to death for this email:

Okay, here goes. I enjoy reading your blog.  I enjoy your enthusiasm.  BUT what are you thinking?!  Have you not had some significant injuries that have kept you away from your favorite sports for long periods of time?  Have you not learned anything from these experiences?  Is no one asking you why you think this is a good idea for you to try?  I get that this is a cause that you like but really.....  Anyway, I'll consider giving you a penny a mile if you ride this thing and a nickel a mile if don't!

Now, don’t ya just love that? Don’t we all want someone to love us and care about us? (oh yeh, I took her up on the penny a mile)



  1. Hillary just forwarded the "News Article" so I signed on as a follower. - BEST OF LUCK!
    Ted Sward

  2. Looking forward to reading/seeing your progress. Great work, Uncle.

  3. Thanks Hil, and welcome Ted, I hope all is well with you guys.