Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nine weeks left to train ...

or, 61 Days ...

Finally a couple of quiet days to ride without wind. Cold and drizzly the first day, but sunny and nice the second day. After weeks of riding in the wind, these two days were a welcome change.

A good week of riding and getting my saddle time in (to break in my butt); a little shy of 15 hours, and 168.05 miles. Not as much as last week, but still a good week. Weight loss only one pound, now at 202, so I will have to work harder on reducing the food intake so I can report 199 next week. :-) Weather forecast looks a bit rainy for next week, so I will have to work at finding the right times to get out. I’d like to get a couple of 40-plus mile rides in this week. I rode to Hygiene last Tuesday, and put my order in for key lime pie for this Tuesday. Now I need a rainless Tuesday so I don’t have to drive my car out for my pie.

Still looking for more donations to help with meeting my goal of $1.00 for each mile I am to ride. And, I would sure like to help build more houses by exceeding my goal. Got a very nice donation from the cutest dentist in the country. My thanks to Christina and Paul Sletten, Rock Dental in Colorado Springs (Christina is the cute one). Oh yea, the best dentist I have ever had!

Notice the link under Web Sites of Interest: Active Eagle Nest. If you have any interest in raptors, this is great.

Peace ...


  1. I'm following you - strange; I feel like a stalker. And I'm too dumb not to be a Redskins fan! God bless, and keep training!

  2. Stumbled upon your blog and I am now following you. wONDERFUL BLOG!

  3. Welcome and thanks for following, Clare

  4. Thanks for joining my blog, Joy. I also feel strange following my son’s blog, but he says to get over it. I managed to get a 52 mile ride in today, so feeling good about that.