Sunday, April 24, 2011

Six weeks left to train (not seven) ...

47 days to report for action in Seattle

I skipped from 8 weeks to 6 because of poor planning on my part. I will not be training the week of June 6. I’m told that I should be tapering off. OK, I’ll go along with that, but I am really going to be resting my fanny.

A big thanks to Joe Rubino, the reporter who came out to my house, spent a lot of time talking with me, called The Fuller Center for more information, and then wrote a very nice article in the Broomfield Enterprise. Thru his efforts and his newspaper the Fuller Center for Housing will be able to raise more money to help more families into affordable housing.

A reporter asked a young teenager why he was helping to build a home for somebody he didn’t know. His answer: “To show people that they’re cared about, that they matter.” That pretty much says it all.

Under 200 lbs and over 200 miles, finally! Now at 198 lbs (a four lb loss), 202 miles ridden, and 18 1/2 hrs in the saddle. So maybe cutting back on the ice cream and cookies is the answer? Naw! That can’t be it! Today will definitely be a Root Beer Float Day (with, of course, nothing but Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream)!

Monday - day off
Tuesday - 52 miles, got rained on a little
Wednesday - 14 miles, left house at 33 F, but warmed to 36 F
Thursday - 40 miles, tried for 50 but ran out of time
Friday - 35 miles, in head and cross winds up to 40 MPH+, but fun coming back. (Head winds are my friends, but cross winds can be dangerous; almost went down twice in the cross wind gusts.)
Saturday - 30 miles, in snow flurries, some rain, and some sunshine, but not much wind.
Sunday - 31 miles. Not much wind or sunshine. I caught and passed a rider today, and it was not a grandmother! Not even a grandfather. Some guy with ear phones who was not listening to “Rocky” music. Needless to say, this was not in or around Boulder where everybody passes me.

Happy Easter to all.


  1. Happy Easter, and you ROCK! Way to go; you deserve that Root Beer Float.

  2. Joy, thanks for the support. And now I have somebody else to blame if I don't drop my two pounds this week?? :-)