Saturday, May 26, 2012

Orientation Day......

I'm again having a great time getting to know the other riders; yesterday as they all came in, and today as orientation progresses. It's a smaller group than I expected, only about 13 riders, but we are strong in faith and purpose. We played a few games after the orientation sessions that Allen planned, and then "the kids" had some more games. We all watched some video of the Fuller Center to give us a better idea of the organization we are representing. One of the videos was of Koinonia Farms (where the Fullers got the idea for Habitat) and their place in the civil rights movement. Fascinating history. And, of course, what a great group of riders who have come together for this adventure. I can't wait to get to know them better as we struggle together riding down the coast for 2,000 miles, and meeting more wonderful people along the way.

This picture is from the practice ride we did today, a little over 18 miles, about half along the ocean, with a stop at the beach for this photo op.

I  brought my laptop for blogging this trip because I couldn't get pictures up last time without sending them home via email and having Lois post them online. So, this is better, except it took about 45 minutes to get this one picture loaded. Maybe a better hot spot will help tomorrow? Facebook will have pictures and video taken by James and Nadine who are following in the van and are our official communications coordinators.

Tonight the members of the church we are staying at will be feeding us, and we'll have a presentation for them. Ryan will probably lead that, and may have some of the riders speak about their experiences with Fuller Center. I always enjoy doing that, so I don't mind when he or Allen call on me.

I figure I should have my stuff organized just before the last week of this ride! That seemed to be the hardest part of riding last year, and it's the same again this time.


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