Sunday, May 13, 2012

Getting Close ....

Only 12 days until we report in Saco, Maine, which is a little south of Portland. I still need more money, so if you are inclined, people need help with their homes, and I need to provide that help by raising enough money for me to "RIDE, SPEAK, & BUILD."

I also need more miles per week. A little bad weather at the end of this week, so my mileage is down a little; only 233 miles this week, and I had to ride this afternoon to get over 200 miles in. I like to take Sunday off, but I had yesterday off, and only a short easy ride on Friday because of the weather. I really want to get about 350 miles this week, and then taper off the week I travel to Maine.

I am trying to get my bike box ready to easily accept my bike, but the frame is a little too tall, and will not fit into the box properly, so I am waiting for another part to arrive to see if that will work. This box is called an Air Caddy, and the bike should just drop in securely, by just taking off the front wheel and rotating the handlebars. A couple used it last year, and it worked great, except their bikes are smaller than mine.

The Fuller Center will have a Facebook page ( and a blog ( which will be updated daily. They may be a little more timely than my blog, although I think I did get a blog in every day last year. OK, I missed a couple of days, but did try to combine them the next time. I will be trying to blog again this year. I also have a Facebook page that you are welcome to follow. Not sure how much I will have on Facebook on a daily basis. 


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