Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finally Riding....

Fundraising! I need to get my fundraising in high gear, but I'm running out of time. If you can help with a donation, please use the button on the right and go to my donation page with The Fuller Center. I need help!

This past Wednesday I set up a Fuller Center slide/video presentation at our lodge for our bike club and the people who helped sponsor me last year. I was pleasantly surprised, and pleased, with the turnout;  over 30 people attended. They have a much better idea now of who The Fuller Center is and how they work to help people. I also tried to give a "flavor" of what the ride was like and how it operates.

Wow, it's been four weeks since I have blogged! Part of the reason is that I've finally gotten back on the bike. Yesterday was a bad day, I only swallowed two bugs while riding, and that's not enough protein for a hard working rider. The little butterfly did not count since I managed to spit him out (it must have been a "he" since it tasted bitter).

So, of the last four weeks I have riden: 0 miles, 165 miles, 252 miles, and this week, 262 miles. Finally getting my mileage up is very rewarding. It's much more interesting riding and actually going to some destination, rather than doing the same old rides, out and back, day after day. The first years it was interesting learning the routes, but it has now become more on the boring side. I guess I just need to get more interesting to myself as I ride, and be better company for myself. Some of my rides are with our groups, which is better, but to get the mileage that I need, I more often bike by myself.

Now I need to stop blogging and get my travel plans finalized so I can actually get to the starting point!


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