Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Van Driver ...

Never before have I missed a day of riding because of saddle sores, but today was the first. I hurt so bad yesterday that I didn’t want to risk an infection by riding again today. So, I rode in the van, drove the van, and helped support the riders. 

However, I made a bad decision! Actually, made two mistakes today. First, I left the sign that we use to help mark the van stops at the first van stop. Second was the worst mistake, made after the second stop, by going back to the first stop to retrieve the sign. That left the riders without timely support, and we were unable to recover in time to provide the third stop for any of the riders. Baaaad mistake, and I should know better!

The route today was about 81 miles, not a bad ride. We were on Rt 80 all day, a bit narrow, especially on the bridges. Some of the riders did get hit with a good rain shower, but not too bad, and within 5 miles of the church.

The congregation has been very welcoming, and some members took us to their homes for showers, which is always a nice diversion. They are providing dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow, and allowing us to do a presentation on the Fuller Center.

Let’s hope for healed saddle sores in the morning!

Peace …

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