Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hot! and down to only 90% humidity ...

Our time in Shreveport was very informative. They are doing an awesome job of building, rehabbing, and using the Greater Blessings program.  Shreveport was the first place Millard went to after Habitat, and was persuaded to start building again because of the need after Katrina. Interesting history was shared with us there. And, we had 3 nights in a barracks type setting, with bunk beds, mattresses, sheets, and blankets...no sleeping on the floor! And, I managed to get a lower bunk.

We had an 86-mile day today, and I had a good day of riding. I rode with Melissa, Brett, Doug, and Kristi for most of the first two 20-mile segments, then Kristi and I rode together for most of the third 20-mile segment, although she had pulled away from me near the third stop. We took off for the last 25 mile segment and promptly missed a turn. Two and a half miles later we realized our mistake and turned back to get on the correct route. Before we got back to the missed turn, the van came by, having missed the same turn! After letting them know to turn back also, we got back on track, now having gone 5 miles out of our way. 

Most of the afternoon, temperatures of over 100°F registered on my bike, but the humidity was probably all the way down to only about 90%. Not as bad as it has been, at any rate. I had forgotten one of my water bottles at the last stop, so had to stop to buy a bottle of water to put on my bike. About 7 or 8 miles from the church I was starting to feel bad, so we stopped in some shade for a few minutes, and then took off again. I made another few miles, but realized I was going to be in trouble because of the heat if I didn’t stop. Kristi stopped with me at a convenience store, where I bought a cold Gatorade and stayed in the air conditioning, hoping I could recover enough to finish the ride. Finally I realized I needed to stop before I was in real trouble (didn’t want another trip to the ER). So, I called the van to come get me, and as it turns out, we were still 5 miles from the church--the same distance Kristi and I covered when we missed our turn. Had I not missed the turn, I would have made the church. Bummer! Kristi couldn’t be persuaded to leave me and finish the ride while I waited for the van, and as we were waiting, the sweeps caught up to us, so we all waited for the van together. 

I averaged 16.1MPH for the first 20 miles, 15.2MPH for the next 47 miles, 12.6MPH for the final 19 miles, for an overall average of 14.7MPH for the total 86-mile distance. The good news is my saddle was treating me much better, and we have a shorter day tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to a great ride!

Tonight Brett and I gave the presentation for the congregation since Melissa had to leave for a while. Brett played the DVD introduction and talked about what the Fuller Center is and what it does. I gave an overview of how the bike ride functions, and about my experiences since joining the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. We also called on a couple other riders to share their experiences riding. Several thoughtful questions were asked after the presentation, so all-in-all, a good evening.

Peace ...

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