Saturday, June 29, 2013

“Circle-Up” this morning

Instead of a ‘blog’ today, I’ll share my devotion given to the riders this morning … 

I’m not good at finding scripture to support what I believe, but love is the primary theme in the New Testament and therein lies my beliefs in all social situations. As you have heard me say, these FCBA bike trips have renewed my spiritual well being and my faith in my Lord and Savior.

You riders all inspire me. You are becoming real life heroes to me, doing what you are doing. I’m sure you still don’t realize the full impact this trip will have on your life, and on the other people's lives that you will touch along the way. That is what has brought me back to this ride. It has become a passion that I believe in, as the money we raise is put to good use, making a difference in hundreds of people's lives. It’s a great thing. Don't forget the impact we have on the congregations, and others we meet as we spread the word of our mission.

I have been down emotionally about this trip since day two and the ER trip and even before that, because of the trouble with getting my meds adjusted. And, of course, not being able to get in proper shape for this ride. I’m not sure that the meds are in the right balance yet, but my doc and I are working it out. I’m struggling mightily on this bike trip. I’m not used to being in the van, and it depresses me. If I had signed up as the van driver I would be just fine, but I signed on to bike, not ride in the van. So I struggle mentally with the road and my bike. I’ve lost my mental edge, and am having trouble finding it again. This is a new struggle for me. 

Some of you may be struggling also. I’ve never been a fast rider, but for the last two years I’ve always ridden, except for three partial days. Mostly I’ve ridden near the rear, but always finished. Three weeks into this trip, and I have finished maybe twice. 

In about a week I’ll be leaving for a fishing trip with my brother, his daughter and son, rejoining you in Craig, CO, missing about 10 days of our time together. You will continue to be in my prayers as you learn more about yourselves than you ever expected. 

Of course, whether I ride in the van or not really doesn't matter, except to me. We are a team, and I’m still helping those in need of housing. So that means it’s just a matter of my pride being hurt. You can supply the proper scripture here for me.

Starting as a lark in 2011, my FCBA orange fingernails (thanks to Hailey) have become a way for me to tease, but also to talk about FCBA, and I continue to have fun with it. Thanks to those of you brave enough to join me this year--a first for other guys to paint their nails.

I also greatly enjoy teasing about my pink bike. As a guy I’m ‘secure enough in my masculinity’ to ride pink. I ride pink for FCBA to help raise money. But the primary reason for the pink bike and my sister’s name, Pat, on the front fork, is in support of cancer. Pat died of cancer almost 19 years ago, at only 54 years old.

Peace … 


  1. TOM!!!! I am sending you a virtual hug! I hope you are getting enough of them. I miss riding with you, even if you are dom :)

  2. Enjoyed almost meeting you this morning when you handed me your card through my car window and took off. What an adventure you are on. Good luck with all that irritating physical stuff you are dealing with. Isn't 71 the pits some times.
    I think you all will have more fun riding than I will working today. Take care and don't let the Oklahoma heat and humidity get to you. At least we are having a cool fron't at the moment. Happy 4th and enjoy the fishing trip.
    I'm headed to NY for Thrillerfest then to Cuchara, CO, fave place in the world, for fun.