Saturday, February 23, 2013


Once again (my third year) I will be riding for The Fuller Center for Housing. The first ride is for one week down the Natchez Trace Parkway, starts in three weeks, March 16, and is a total of 400 miles. Then the 3,700 mile ride, lasting nine weeks, starts June 7 in Savannah, GA and finishes in Vancouver, BC.

So as I sit here typing instead of being out on my bike, thinking I should get up and find the Oreos instead of riding. OK, gunna go out, but nope, it might rain today! Said so on the weather report, and it is too cold to be out in the rain. I went to the bike show yesterday in Denver, and on the web site for this show, I could only find parking directions for bicycles. Seemed appropriate, but it was still cold, and there was a 1% chance of rain. Found a place to park my car anyway, and the show was great. Only found one bike that I really wanted, and the guy said he didn't really want to sell it, but he would for only $14,000. (Lois, what do you think????? Never mind, don't tell me what you think, it would not be very lady like.)

This picture is on my donation page, which is where you can go to "like donate", because it says what The Fuller Center is all about. My donate link is on the right side of this blog page, and it is now up to date and working. Please consider donating. Your only excuse for not donating would be that you are planning to ride with which case, I might have to consider donating to your ride. Which I might actually do, so sign up!

This year to date I have a grand total of 4 rides, which total just over 100 miles. Last year at this time I had just over 173 miles logged, so I am only 73 miles behind last year. However, last year starting tomorrow, I started getting a little more serious about miles, so........... Wait, it is still going to be cold tomorrow, and still a 1% chance of rain. I think I should use the spring ride for the start of my training for the summer ride. Maybe I better go back to the bike show tomorrow and look for a bike that comes with a good dose of motivation!?

The following link is a story about the upcoming spring ride down the Natchez Trace Parkway. This is the same ride we did last year, and I believe The Fuller Center is planning to make this an annual event. It is a great parkway to ride, and last year for our build day, we were able to help work on 5 separate work sites, helping five families in need of a hand up. Last year my son Matthew rode with me, and this year there will be three generations in the same family riding, speaking and building for people in need, as my granddaughter, Harper, will join Matthew and me for this adventure. I tell you, life doesn't get much better than this. Here is the link:

Father, Son and Granddaughter ride

I will once again be trying to blog every day while riding to help people. Please forgive me if I miss a day or three, as our days do get a little hectic at times, and I am getting older and slower.


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