Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring ride is over ...

The Natchez Trace bike ride is an annual Fuller Center event, this being our fourth ride down the Trace. This time it was scheduled about a month later than the first three times, which made the ride so much more beautiful, with spring “springing”.

Weather report: it rained four of the six riding days, almost all day, but temperatures were much warmer than the last two years, so it was good riding. Still a bit of a hassle having to dry everything each night, but at least we didn’t have to lay on the hood of the van at the rest stops trying to warm up! I did get slightly chilled at a couple of rest stops, but warmed up again once we started riding. And, we had no rain on the work day.

Work day: we split up to work on four projects. I got to dig a ditch, clean up the yard, and then after lunch transfer over to the second project, roofing, to help pick up shingles. With the other two groups working on their projects we were able to help a total of four families, which made for a great day of service.

Biking: I rode the entire distance, no support needed, about 375 miles. I hooked up with 4 other riders and we rode a pace line each day, helping each other. We were an older group, but we pulled along one 25 year old rider. :-) Picked up other riders at times, getting up to maybe 10 riders total with us. In the past I have been mostly riding by myself, because I don’t seem to match up ability wise with many riders, although the double pace line we had last year was fantastic. 

Chocolate malt report:  DISMAL Only managed one, and that was a milk shake, so barely worth rating. 

Food:  we had to cook dinner two times, which was really good, but the rest of the time we had more great food provided by the host churches than we could eat. 

Summer ride: and now, on to the summer ride. I need to get a lot of saddle time, but have been sick this past week with some respiratory issues. Hope this clears up soon, ‘cause since I’ve been back this is now 9 days out of the saddle, and I need to be riding!  

I’m feeling better about the summer ride since the spring ride went so well for me. So, if I can get well soon, I feel I’ll be able to do the summer ride, and be ok doing it, although it is a huge mental challenge for me. So, here’s to health!

Oh, and, I still need donations to help with the summer ride, if you are so inclined.


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