Friday, February 20, 2015

I think I least I hope I can!

“Your time is a wonderful gift to give” 

And so is your money! I choose to give both while I can.

So, it’s getting harder ... but, I believe we can't grow without challenge!

This will be my fifth year biking for The Fuller Center for Affordable Housing (FCBA). A quick recap: I have participated in four 9-week, 3,600-mile, cross country rides, and three one-week spring rides. In 2012 I biked 7,400 miles, mostly for the Fuller Center. In 2013 I struggled with some health problems, along with saddle blisters, so I used my car and helped support the last half of the 2013 ride. In 2014 Lois and I, using our van, both worked as support, in an effort to give back to the riders and still help FCBA. 

This year I am again signed up for both the spring and the summer rides. This summer we are adding a week (400 miles), to make it a total of 10 weeks and 4,000 miles. I will be 73 when the summer ride starts this year, and am determined to bike the entire distance from Oceanside CA to Portland ME. At my age the total distance is becoming a larger factor, but the mental challenge of 9 or 10 weeks in the saddle again is wearing on my soul. Getting and keeping the will to start and finish this ride is becoming enormous. I love biking! I love even more the fact that the money I raise is going to a great cause. I am blessed to see the action of my riding and all money raised pay off - for the families we help with affordable homes.

So, over these last four years I have now slept on church floors over 250 times. I started early with these arrangements, by finding chairs to place my one duffle bag on so I didn't have to bend over, and having a chair by my sleeping bag to help me get up and down. Not a bad arrangement, considering often the people we are helping do not have a safe place to live.

I believe that we can't grow without challenge. Last year because I was supporting I did not have to raise money for the ride. We still donated to FCBA, and also donated our car and the cost of driving our car for the 3,600+ miles it took to support the ride. Lois and I are happy to donate because we have seen firsthand FCBA headquarters, and firsthand how our money is diligently used.

Each year I have participated I have blogged, but unfortunately the blogging slowed down, last year especially. So, I’ll try to blog again this year, but it will probably be sketchy, as I will most likely not have a computer with me. However, I do anticipate posting on Facebook more this year.

NOTE: The greatest blessing I have gained from FCBA is the joy of living and riding as family with the greatest bunch of “kids and grandkids” it is possible to know. The integrity, faith, and absolute love demonstrated by these riders has been a shining light, opening my heart to the goodness I have witnessed across this great country. I have given a lot to FCBA, but I have gained so much more.


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  1. You can totally do it, Tom!! I'm so excited to follow along:-).