Monday, June 23, 2014

Support Team

The bike adventure is so much more than just biking and speaking and building, although that is what its purpose is. It’s fireflies in Toledo, mayflies in Cleveland, a boat ride on the Maumee River,

an overnight stay at an archery loft in Cleveland, a dedication ceremony at the home of Dee and Roy, removing tree branches and digging out shrubs, tilling garden areas which are then mulched, painting the entire outside of a home, painting the inside of another home … and the list goes on. But, the most wonderful part seems to be the welcoming and offering of help, along with a generous amount of hugs, along with tears of blessing, gratitude, and thanks, both from the bike adventurers as well as from the people we are privileged to serve.

There have been a number of bike issues, along with some accidents. We had six go down on a bridge crossing in a small town, five at one time. Worst injury was to John, some road rash on his face; he is fine, just looks like he lost the proverbial fight. Some other road rash on knees and shoulders, but, all in all, everyone’s doing fine. The bikes took a worse beating, with three needing work, and parts replacement.

It’s been interesting to be support for the trip rather than a rider as I have been the past three years...getting to see the adventure from a different perspective. As support I’ve had the opportunity to go into businesses and/or even private properties arranging support stops that have bathrooms. Today, in the middle of farm country, with the corn much too short, I stopped at a preschool nursery that was closed. I found the owner next door working in the yard of a rather large farm. I explained what we were about, asking her if we could use her driveway to support the riders. She asked if we needed bathrooms, and graciously took me over, opened her school, and shared God’s love by letting us use her facility. The neat thing is that this is not unusual. The same thing happened last week, when I stopped at a large 4-door work building next to a house. The homeowner used the building to store and work on very old cars and army vehicles. He still had a Studebaker from late 50‘s, early 60’s in which he dated the girl he married. As the riders kept coming in, he kept showing off his car and other vehicles, and opening up his home.

This morning at circle up, Leah shared a beautiful poem she had written about her experience with the bike adventure, and then lead us in prayer. These riders keep impressing me with their faith, and their many personal abilities and gifts. It is a delight to experience this adventure with such beautiful children of God.


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