Monday, June 9, 2014

Finally, some word from the old guy on the FCBA adventure...

On the third day of the drive over we were "profiled" (or so it appeared). Colorado, as most everyone knows, has legalized marijuana, so the adjacent states have been stopping cars with Colorado plates, looking for marijuana. I had been watching my speed, setting my cruise control at the speed limit mostly. On the Ohio tollway (speed limit of 70), far from Colorado, I had gotten brave and set my cruise on 74, four miles over the limit. I noticed a state trooper car parked ahead, as two cars passed me as we all went past the trooper's car. I saw the trooper leave his position, come up fast, with no lights, me in the right lane, he in the left. He got just up to me, then abruptly slowed down, got behind me, and turned on his lights. Up until now I had never heard of a cop stopping a car going 4 mph over the limit. He was very polite, checked my license and registration, asked some questions about what we were doing in Ohio (we gave him a bike adventure card), asked Lois if she was Lois, asked me if my driving record was clean (he never checked before approaching our car?), and told us to stay at the speed limit, and to enjoy our adventure. I guess he smelled no marijuana, so he let us go?

Orientation in Atlantic City was fun, as alway, as we got to know one another (via "train wreck" as we introduced ourselves) and then learned a bit about what's expected on the trip, got chore assignments, etc. We enjoyed a walk on the boardwalk, and I even joined the 10 mile practice ride as a sweep. After the ride we had a great build day in Atlantic City. Lots of mudding upstairs and down, lots of window work. I found a little work I could do, but was mostly transported people and then shopped with Melissa. It was great to see all the progress made on the house by our team, and to help the local Fuller affiliate for the time we were there.

After an early breakfast we all headed for the beach for devotion, followed by the traditional dipping of the back tires of the bikes into the ocean. And, then, the riders were off! 

We overnighted at Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Tabernacle and were treated to lunch, bbq dinner, breakfast, and lunch after church. What a wonderful group of folks! It was good to visit with a number of people I had met on an earlier trip.

On the 2012 bike adventure we stopped to help build an accessible bedroom and bathroom for Justin. He and his mom were at church Sunday and I was so glad to visit with them. He is enjoying his new area, which he had painted blue. I asked him why not pink, at which he laughed and said pink was for girls. I brought in my pink bike to show him what I ride and he laughed heartily at me.
I told him I have a picture of him being hugged by two pretty girls and that I was jealous. He remembered with a big smile that it was Kelsey and Kelsey. I'm totally blessed to have helped on his project and to have visited with him again. God continues to work in and thru me. (This picture is from 2012 at the work site.)

Today we helped Shane Claiborne and staff move furnishings out of one building, into another for The Simple Way, to consolidate their offices into one central location. That took the morning and a little of the afternoon, with lots and lots of boxes, furniture, supplies, etc. being moved via 'bucket brigades'. Shane and Katie graciously hosted a cookout feast at their home, and Shane explained the progress made by Simple Way in the Kensington community, a community that works together. They have also started a FC affiliate called Simple Homes Fuller Center. We toured the aquaponics project (awesome); some helped clean garbage from the sidewalk; some cleaned the garden area; some took a bike tour of Philly. A shout out to Shane and Katie, and Mike (as well as his daughter Sumer) for opening their homes to a number of us, and for their dedication to this community!

My buddy Kert, and his wonderful family, have been just outstanding in their support of this ride. About 12 riders stayed overnight at their home on our way to Atlantic City, as they graciously hosted us and provided much more food than we could eat. Today, here in the Kensington community, they have provided more and more and more food for us. It's been so great to spend time with Kert's family, to get to meet his extended family and friends who have been providing so much love, support, and prayers.

Tomorrow we have a long ride to Hershey, PA so we'll be getting an early start with breakfast at 4:30. The adventure has begun, and there are so many neat "kids" and "grandkids" to get to know better as the ride progresses, and many new friends to meet along the way.


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