Thursday, July 25, 2013

Riding again ...

My car as an additional support vehicle has been put to good use. I feel a strong part of the ride because I feel useful as extra support. Of course I’ve been disappointed at the lack of biking, but feel good about my support role, and have been getting good feedback and appreciation from the riders, so I’m all good with it! I’ve been able to drive up and down the line, helping to supply food, water, and electrolytes, as well as picking up riders who have hit the wall, have a nagging injury, or a bike has failed with double flats, failed tire, or mechanical trouble of some sort. The last couple of days I’ve supported at the last van stop by letting the van leave while I stayed to support the last 4-8 riders. This allows the luggage to arrive at the church earlier, get unloaded, and have us prepared for showers or whatever, much sooner. Seems to smooth out the operation a little.
After another 4 days supporting with my car I was finally on the bike again today. It. Felt. Great! I averaged 16.1 MPH on this short ride day of only 38 miles. A group of us stopped short of the first van stop to hike about 30 yards to enjoy a great view of a beautiful gorge.

Following today’s short bike day we took showers at the local swimming pool, and most of us went in the pool for a while also. Yesterday I had a one-on-one basketball challenge with Melissa and she beat me (although she did step on my foot as she went around me to score her basket). Today we had a swimming race, and I beat her to get even.

Chocolate malt today: 7.5

Peace … 

P.S. … catch up!
The halibut I brought back from Alaska was a big success! The cooks did a great job of preparing the fish a couple different ways, and it was delicious. A few said that it was the best meal of the trip. We were even able to invite our hosts in for a bite of fish.

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