Friday, July 5, 2013

Packed ...

Enjoyed a 9.5 chocolate malt yesterday at a local old fashioned soda fountain parlor! This has definitely been the trip for some good quality malts. I also scored a Chicago hot dog -- yummy.

Yesterday was a pleasant morning for riding before the crosswind started blowing us around. I was prepared to stop the van the first time it passed me because I didn’t think I could stay on my saddle longer than a few miles, but I made 60 miles. At the 60 mile stop I was too uncomfortable so I rode in the van the last 32 miles. 

Seemed a little strange to be in Canadian, TX celebrating July 4th. Our cooking chore group made an excellent spaghetti dinner, so we ate well. There were a few fireworks last night, but I didn’t watch. Guess I’ve seen too many fireworks in my long life to appreciate them and go “ahhhh” (besides, sleep was calling!).

This morning was to be my last day of biking before flying home tomorrow, but I boxed my bike up last night so I wouldn’t be stressed out tonight trying to get the bike and myself ready for that early flight out of Liberal, KS. One day home, then I fly to Alaska to fish with John, Hillary, and Brad. I’ll be joining FCBA again in Craig, CO July 15 for at last part of the build day. And, hopefully I can arrive with some fish to share for dinner. Today is another 90 plus day on the bike so I will ‘suffer’ in the van an entire day with Nadine. 

Blog will continue when I return to the bike adventure.

Peace ...

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