Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

Biking in 2013 was a little disappointing for me as I struggled all year with saddle sore blisters. I have not been on my bike for 7 weeks now, and have gained way too much weight because of the layoff. I am looking for better riding in 2014. Unless of course I am just getting older, and need to expect less. At this age, I seem to age the equivalent of 3 or 4 years, or some multiple of years. Maybe (quiet now) it is or will become like dog years.

However, I still managed to ride 3,167 miles for 2013, my average speed being down only slightly. So for the last 3 years since joining The Fuller Center Bike Adventure (FCBA) I have averaged 5,540 miles per year, still not too bad for an old geezer.

What’s up for 2014 you ask? OK, I will tell you anyway. FCBA is on the agenda again. January 17, Harper (now 15 years old) and I will be talking to the ELCA youth gathering of the Rocky Mountain Synod about our FCBA adventures. There will be about 750 kids, and another 200 adult chaperones. A fantastic opportunity to spread the word about The Fuller Center for Affordable Housing.

March 14th I (and hopefully Harper and Matthew) will be arriving in Nashville, TN for the start of the FCBA spring ride. This will be the 3rd annual spring ride down to Jackson, MS, a one week ride of about 400 miles, with one build day. All three of us rode last year and had a great time in spite of the cold wet weather. Looking for better weather this year, but regardless, we will again be helping families with a hand up to safe affordable housing.

Then on June 5th, the day after my 72nd birthday, I will be arriving in Atlantic City, NJ for the start of the summer ride. We will be taking a northern route and ending up in Astoria, OR. Another 9 week ride, ending August 10, and covering the usual 3,600 miles. On this ride I will be supporting with my personal car, and only riding occasionally, when another rider may need a break, and will drive my car for me. I now have a Toyota Sienna mini van, equipped with the ability to carry 6 bikes and 4 passengers. Lois calls it my bus.

Last for 2014 will be a fall ride with the geezer bike club down in the Texas hill country. If it is not too hot, this will be another great trip with my age group.

Again this year, I will be looking for help with donations. I know this may be getting old for some of my supporters, but the cause is great, and help is needed. A big thank you to all who have donated in the past, you have helped me to help many families in need.

Peace to all

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