Wednesday, April 17, 2013

7 weeks to train ...

Only 7 weeks left to train, and we have more snow today, on top of about a foot the last couple of days. I need to be training, but not in this mess.

Ok, I need a couple of my 5 readers to donate, and get their friends to donate, to help me ride to help families in need. The summer ride from Savannah, GA to Vancouver, BC, starts in 7 weeks. This is a nine-week ride, covering about 3,700 miles, and I still need about $2,400 to reach my riding goal. My donation button is on the right side of this blog, and remember, any amount from $5 to $5,000 is greatly appreciated. Well, $5,000 would be a little more appreciated than $5, but since all donations go to help families in need of a hand up, any amount is welcome.

This summer I will not be riding the entire distance because I will be leaving the trip July 6 and returning July 15. I will be joining brother John, his daughter Hillary, and his son Brad, to fish in Alaska. I am disappointed that I will be skipping out on my Fuller Center family, but I am looking forward to some quality time with Weber family.

As I have blogged, the spring ride was fantastic. Cold and wet, but fantastic. Here are some pictures from that ride.

Me, Harper, and Matthew talking to a reporter along
the way

                                         Everybody at the start of the ride (I think we had 33
                                         people participating)

See, I can still do some actual work

A nice paceline, working together

         Matthew teaching Harper

Harper "mudding"

About to head down the Trace

Me, Harper, and Matthew (it didn't take Harper
long to learn how to raise her bike for the pictures)

Matthew teaching Harper how to use a chisel

Our oldest rider, John, at age 85, lead our police escort

Our police escort that got us from the Trace to the
church in Jackson, MS


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