Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Fuller Ride for 2012 .....

Registration is open. You can register now at:

Next summer the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure (FCBA) will celebrate its fifth year of involving cyclists from all over the world to help provide families with energy-efficient and affordable homes. We’ll continue to build upon the work we’ve done over the past four years, which includes cycling more than 10,800 miles through 30 states, working on 41 homes, and raising over $500,000 for families in need around the world! We give a hand up, not a hand out.

This summer I rode over 2400 miles for The Fuller Center to help people with their housing. I'm extremely excited about the two routes planned for 2012, which will cover more than 3,600 miles and take riders down the historic East Coast, and then move to the scenic West Coast. The East Coast ride starts in Saco, ME May 25 and ends in Key West, FL, July 1. The West Coast ride starts in Seattle, WA July 13 and ends in San Diego, CA Aug 12.

Will you join me? You can choose to ride either the East Coast or West Coast or if you’re up for a truly epic adventure, you can ride both! You can also join for a day or one of the segments, or be a virtual rider. You can also participate by donating towards our $200,000 goal we set for next summer which will bring our total raised by FCBA to $700,000!

All cyclists will be serving as Fuller Center ambassadors as we build and renovate Fuller Center homes and speak to church groups, the media and civic organizations. It is an adventure of service and prayer, of creating relationships and raising money, and of building a better world.

Hurry, if you do not sign up, I will be asking you to donate to help me reach my donation goal.

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